About Rox Classic

The Reason You’ll Love Rox Classic

Because Of Our Musicians

Rox Classic is formed by the best musicians out there. Each individual player is talented, but when working together something magical happens: they become an incredible unity with a sound you’ve never heard before. This formation cannot be beaten. The passion of these guys will struck you again and again.

Because Of Our Music

The show will take you on a journey through time with the best rockmusic ever crafted; a tribute to all the legends from the 70’s to the present. Toto, Queen, Lenny Kravitz, Journey, Bon Jovi and many more will be passed in review.

A journey with music that can stand the test of time and where the bands of yore are the stars.

Because Of Our Authenticity

We believe in the skills and power of our musicians. Therefore there’s no need for clicktracks and added instruments on tape: our band will get the job done 100% clickfree and 100% live.

What you hear is what you see…

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